Teams-Everything You Need To Know.

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. Teams are often formed to accomplish specific tasks or projects. A team may be formed within a company, organization, or other entity, or it may be formed by members of the general public who share a common interest.

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What is it?
There is a video conferencing service.
How much does it cost?
There is a free version of the plan.
What are Microsoft Teams games?
Microsoft Teams games are online team building games that use the unique features of the Microsoft Teams platform to enable team bonding and remote worker engagement. These games can be used in virtual meetings as icebreakers, closing activities, or break time re-energizing.
When was Microsoft Teams released?
Microsoft Teams was launched in New York five years ago.
How many schools use Microsoft Teams?
Over 183,000 educational institutions use Microsoft Teams.
What does Microsoft Teams integrate with?
Teams is part of the Customer Lockbox, which allows Microsoft to access your tenant when you need it. The same voice, video and chat infrastructure that Teams uses can be used to build your own applications that do voice and video call s.i t is possible to improve video performance by making peer to peer connections.
A single person or a small group of people?
If it is for a small group of people.
When and where is Microsoft Teams available?
You can use Microsoft Teams in the browser or it can be used with other platform s.i t supports 53 languages and dialects). There are 11 countries where audio conferencing is available.
What parts of Microsoft Teams does this integration work with?
The Microsoft Teams + Asana integration can be used with chat and meetings. Either or both can be used.